Podcast Recommendations for 2023

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My top 10 podcast recommendations for 2023! I am obsessed with each and every podcast on this list, and can’t wait till a new episode drops each week. Add them to your listen list now.


Image courtesy of RedHanded

Hannah and Suruthi give you True Crime with a difference. I feel like many of the popular True Crime shows focus mainly on murder and missing cases, but RedHanded covers a whole array of crime including episodes on topics like Scientology, the Warrior Gene, Reality TV Suicides and Witches, among many others. Each episode is expertly researched and I love that the hosts add their own personality and thoughts to every case they cover.

Listen to RedHanded.

Maintenance Phase

Image courtesy of Maintenance Phase

Listening to this show has been eye-opening for me. As a woman in my early 30s I grew up with the horrid diet culture and body-shaming of the 90s and early 2000s. Aubrey and Mike debunk ‘the junk science behind health fads, wellness scams and nonsensical nutrition advice’. Basically, they call BS on all that stupid diet and ‘health’ culture we grew up listening to. If you have ever been on a diet or felt shamed about your body or eating habits then please give this podcast a listen.

Listen to Maintenance Phase.

Every Outfit

Image courtesy of Every Outfit

If you are a fan of Sex and the City then you need to listen to this podcast. Lauren and Chelsea discuss specific episodes (often by listener request) as well as current fashion and pop culture news and events. A true mix of high/low brow, they are like the cool fashion-girl BFFs you always wanted.

Listen to Every Outfit.

The Rewatcher: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Image courtesy of The Rewatcher: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, this is the podcast you need in your life. Hosts Ash and Alaina are rewatching (get it?!) Buffy from the beginning and the twist is that one is a seasoned Buffy fan and the other has never seen the show. If you want to relive the greatest TV show ever made through fresh eyes, listen now. And trust me when I tell you that you will feel compelled to watch along (Buffy is available on Disney+ fyi).

Listen to The Rewatcher.

Sentimental Garbage

Image courtesy of Sentimental Garbage

Caroline O’Donoghue, joined by different guests weekly, discusses the typical ‘female’ culture that society has taught us to be a bit ashamed of enjoying. Topics include Costume Dramas, Little Women, Reality TV, Avril Lavigne and a deep dive season on Sex and the City.

Listen to Sentimental Garbage.


Image courtesy of Scamfluencers

Hosts Scaachi and Sarah tell epic stories of deception from the online world. They cover the rise and fall of internet scammers such as wellness gurus, fitness influencers, a Fake Saudi Prince and real life Gossip Girls. If you are obsessed with the culture of influencers and how they can get so influential then this podcast is definitely worth a listen.

Listen to Scamfluencers.

You are Good

Image courtesy of You Are Good

You are Good is described as a ‘feelings podcast about movies’. Each episode the hosts Alex and Sarah invite a guest on to talk about one of their favourite movies, why they love it and how they feel about it. I love the cosy nostalgia of this show, and how it often makes me see some of my favourite and not-so-favourite movies and characters in a totally different light.

Listen to You are Good.

Unreal: A Critical History of Reality TV

Image courtesy of Unreal: A Critical History of Reality TV

If you have ever watched reality TV then get listening to this series by journalists Pandora Sykes and Sirin Kale. They go through the rise of reality TV (mostly UK based), starting with Big Brother and ending with the ‘influencer sausage factory’ Love Island. They discuss how it has shaped our lives, plus the ethics and future of the format.

Listen to Unreal.

Sweet Bobby

Image courtesy of Sweet Bobby

If you have ever wondered why and how people can fall for and allow themselves to be manipulated by catfishers, thinking ‘I would never’, then give this a listen. The true story of how smart and successful radio presenter Kirat falls for ‘Bobby’ will really make you think twice about who exactly you are talking to online.

Listen to Sweet Bobby

You’re Wrong About

Image courtesy of You’re Wrong About

If you haven’t heard of this podcast then where have you been? In each episode, Sarah and her guests reconsider ‘a person or event that’s been miscast in the public imagination.’ Basically, the show debunks those history and pop culture moments we all think we know so well. Some of my favourite episodes include the deep-dives into the OJ Simpson Trial, Princess Diana, Beanie Babies and the McDonalds Hot Coffee Case.

Listen to You’re Wrong About.

If you have any great podcast recommendations of your own the please share below in the comments!

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