Best YouTube Workout Channels for Women 2024

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Are you looking to kickstart your fitness journey this New year? Do you want workouts that you can do from home which fit easily into your daily routine? Would you like to save money by quitting the gym and working out at home? Or do you just need some new workout inspiration and motivation? Whatever your fitness journey, I have compiled a list of my favourite FREE fitness channels on YouTube to help you get the most out of your workouts.

YouTube is a great resource for fitness. Whatever your fitness level or preference, you will be able to find a workout channel to suit you. From pilates, to strength training, to beginner friendly videos, there is something for everyone.

Do Remember

Just like the content you can find, the training and qualifications of YouTube trainers vary widely. Make sure to do your own research when starting a new fitness regime, and consult a medical professional if you have any injuries or health issues.

Free Workout Videos for Women

I have compiled a list of my top FREE Workout Videos created by women for women. Workout in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, with these excellent female-led Youtube channels. 

I have never been a gym fan. It just takes so much effort (mentally as well as physically) to get there. I also never ever felt comfortable in a gym. Always self conscious of how I looked in my workout gear, comparing myself to others, and easily distracted, I found the gym environment overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. It also did not help that I never ever learned how to use any of the equipment properly and was therefore constantly terrified of it.

I have friends who swear by a gym membership. They love the motivation of knowing they are paying for it, the camaraderie and structure of the classes and the social aspect of having a gym buddy. 

Everyone is different, and when it comes to exercise there really is no right or wrong (despite what some fitness influencers may tell you). If you love going to the gym but feel overwhelmed, then I can highly recommend the NOBS app. Founder Lucy has a great no-nonsense approach to fitness. I trialled the app last year and though I did enjoy the workouts, I am personally more motivated by follow-along style videos. However, the detailed lessons in how to use the equipment and do the exercises really did instil confidence. 

Workout at Home for Free

If you are like me and prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home then I have compiled a list of my favourite workouts from youtube. Online fitness channels are great to fit in around your schedule, whether you use these alone or combine with regular gym visits. I love making playlists to help me stick to a schedule and to group workouts by type so I can always find what I’m in the mood for. Personally, I like a mix of different workouts through the week, from cardio and strength training to pilates, yoga and stretching. I hope this is useful wherever you are on your fitness journey.

As I write this post in January 2024, I am excepting a baby and so my usual workout schedule has changed slightly. I have added a section of my favourite channels with prenatal workouts too, though do make sure to consult your midwife about working out during your pregnancy.

Best YouTube Channels for Women’s Strength Training

Heather Robertson

After falling off the wagon with my exercise routine over the festive period last year, Heather’s channel was a lifesaver for me. She has a range of workout programs with free downloadable calendars and playlists. I find these SO helpful with motivation and to set exercise goals for the week.

Heather’s HR12week 4.0 schedule has just started – follow along here. If you are short on time then I also highly recommend the HR12WEEK Express – a full 12 week workout schedule where all the workouts are 30 minutes.

Heather’s workout videos have just music and a timer, which I personally prefer as I like to listen to podcasts when I workout. But if you’re a beginner it means there’s not much guidance on form etc so I wouldn’t recommend if you’re just starting out. 


Maddie has a wide range of videos, including Dance Party Cardio workouts and Essential Stretches. The top reason I recommend her videos though is for strength training. The MadFit channel is a great one for beginners. Maddie is great at showing explaining the moves in her videos and talking through technique. There is even a playlist for Beginner Friendly Workouts to make the start of your fitness journey even easier. Maddie also posts a monthly workout calendar which is great for motivation. I find it so much easier to follow along with a set schedule.

Best YouTube Pilates Channels

Isa Welly

If you are new to Pilates I really recommend Isa-Welly’s videos. Her 10 Day Beginners Pilates Challenge is the perfect place to start if you want to learn the foundations. I find Isa-Welly’s videos so relaxing. The time flies by and it barley feels like I’m working out, though my muscles definitely notice the next day!

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Coach, Isa-Welly also has some great resources on health and wellness.

PilatesBody by Raven

Raven is so much fun. A certified Pilates Trainer and Fitness Instructor, her videos are easy to follow and typically under 30 minutes making them easy to fit in to busy schedules. Raven has a range of different videos mainly focussed on Pilates and Barre, both with and without equipment. Her bubbly personality and chat through the workout makes it really feel like you are part of a fun workout class.

I love how she has easily labelled playlists depending on what kind of movement you need on a particular day – including Pilates on Your Period and Pregnancy Friendly, plus daily AM/PM Beginner Friendly pilates.

Best Low Impact Cardio YouTube Workout Channels

Olivia Lawson

If you’re not a cardio bunny but want to get your muscles moving and blood pumping with some low impact cardio, then Olivia’s Walking Workouts are excellent. She has a wide range, mostly between 30-40 minutes long of metabolic, low impact walking workouts to help you get your daily steps in. Plus some fun Cardio Aerobics style workouts for fat burning.

What I like about Olivia’s videos is they are so easy to follow, with an on-screen timer and preview of the next exercise. I love to listen to my own audio when working out so I can easily follow Olivia’s workouts on mute without missing anything.

Burpee Girl Short Workouts

Burpee Girl Short Workouts is another great channel for low impact cardio. All the videos are between 15-20 minutes, making them easy to fit into busy schedules. I like to do one of these easy fusion workouts on my WFH lunch breaks to give me some energy after sitting at a desk all day.

There is something for everyone, with pilates and barre inspired videos, walking workouts and cardio dance and aerobics. The videos all have an on-screen timer and preview of the next set, making them perfect if you like your own background music.

Eleni Fit

Eleni has a great selection of low-impact workouts inspired by pilates, barre and aerobics movements. She has a good selection of high-intensity workouts too if you are looking for more challenging cardio workouts. Another channel with an on-screen timer and no voice-over, plus a motivating progress bar. There isn’t much in the way of instruction on Eleni’s videos so maybe not the best for total beginners.

Best Yoga YouTube Channel

Yoga with Adriene

With over 12 million subscribers, I feel like Adriene doesn’t really need much of an introduction. Adriene’s channel is great for any level of yoga, even if you’re a complete beginner. Her down to earth and relatable attitude makes her videos a pleasure to follow along.

If you’re brand new to yoga, I highly recommend committing to one of Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga programmes. Then marvel at how your body adapts and changes along the way.

Best Pregnancy Workout Channels on YouTube

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

When I found out I was pregnant I knew I had to take steps to modify my workout routine in order to support my changing body. It can be a bit overwhelming, with so much incorrect info regarding pre-natal exercise floating around. Luckily, Jessica from Pregnancy and Postpartum TV is a Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Specialist. This means I can follow her videos feeling confident they are suitable during pregnancy.

PPTV has so many videos, with handy playlist for each trimester plus postpartum. There are also great pelvic floor workouts, as well as general health and well-being videos.

Lauren Fitter

Lauren is a certified personal trainer and prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist. She has a great selection of pre and post natal workouts, all under 30 minutes making them perfect for busy lifestyles.

One her channle Lauren also has a great playlist of Diastasis Recti Repair Workouts plus loads of workouts designed for postpartum, including C-Section appropriate training. I love that her workouts are all relatively short, meaning they are easy to fit in a busy mum’s schedule.

I hope this list of my favourite YouTube Workout Channels was helpful. Please leave a comment if you have any other recommendations.

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